Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pioneer Club trip to Laser Tag

We took the Pioneer Club kids on an outing to laser tag in Eureka on April 25. We had it all set up for someone in the church to come watch Zeke, Micah and Anna so that both Jeremy and I could go and help chaperone. But that's the day that Annalee got sick, so one of us had to stay home. Jeremy graciously let me go, and I wanted to share some of the pictures with you. The kids had a blast. We took them to McDonald's for lunch (we got some looks from other parents in the play area when we came in with so many kids!), then to laser tag, and after they played, then they got to play video games.

Joshua is 11!!

I feel like such an awful mother. Josh had his 11th birthday on Monday, and I am just now getting to blogging and posting pictures. We have had 2 - 11 year olds since Monday. Now Rob will be 12 tomorrow, and I would post pictures of Josh before I had to do them both!

We have a long-standing tradition in our house to let the birthday person pick all of the meals for their special day - as long as they know ahead of time so I can get the ingredients. So for breakfast, we had omelets (one of Dad's specialties!) and for dinner (we don't do lunch) we were supposed to have taco soup. But on Josh's birthday, I had to run a woman from our church into town to see a Dr. for her back - she couldn't drive herself in. So I left, and was expecting Jeremy to throw dinner together. It was a crock pot meal, and just needed everything thrown into the crockpot. But I had forgotten that I didn't have any tomato juice (the base for the soup), and Jeremy didn't have a car to go to the store and get some. Poor Josh! I went to the store in town, got the tomato juice (for the taco soup for the next day!), and all the fixings to go with the impromptu hamburgers we were going to have instead! I even bought the kids Cheetos to make up for being so scatterbrained. Josh was very understanding about it, though. He even had to put up with store bought ice cream to go with his chosen bundt cake! He has such a heart! He didn't even complain about any of it! He was just excited to get to his presents! He got a violin - he has been wanting one since taking a week-long violin course in Galena (now we just have to get him some instruction books!) - and a homemade pillow case from Mom and Dad. And he got new clothes from Nana and Papa. He was so excited that he wore them the next day.

I can't believe how old my kids are getting! Time seems to be flying when I think back to previous birthdays when they were younger...Like the one we had for them in New York. We cooked hot dogs and had Capri Suns and cupcakes for all their friends, and got to play at the playground at the campground we were living at. Such fun memories! Or the one in Yale when we had most of their K/1st grade combo class there, and watched the Incredibles and had magic vanilla ice cream that was colored red, blue and yellow! What fun!

Happy birthday, Joshua! You are very big-hearted and so creative! I love to see how you're growing!!