Friday, July 9, 2010


Working on the church.
Fourth of July Sunday.

The boys on Sundial bridge in Redding.

Anna in an apron I bought her. Isn't she gorgeous?

We went up to Washington for vacation at the end of May and beginning of June. We enjoyed time getting to see all of our family. I just thought I'd post some misc. pictures that I've been taking from our vacation, time at the river, etc.

Jeremy has been doing a lot of physical work on the church. We discovered several months ago that having a nursery without a bathroom attached does not always work well!! So the board okayed some changes. With some help from 2 other men, they switched the nursery with Jeremy's office, which had a bathroom right next to it. So they cut a hole in the bathroom to give it a door right into the new nursery, filled in the hole of the old door, cut the old nursery in two parts - one part Jeremy's new office, and the other part the new copy/storage room. We even painted the new nursery and Jeremy's new office with paint that had been hanging around the church. I think we had to buy 2 pints of paint! We are in the middle of planning for our VBS August 2-6. We're also knee-deep in planning for our new AWANA club starting in mid-September. Please be praying for us as we have our VBS and start this new ministry at the church this fall!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Village Missions conference

Rob and Josh with two of their friends from conference. Their dads are both VM pastors.

Josh riding in the canoe.

Rob's team with their boat.

In June, we got the privilege of going to the VM Southwest District summer conference in Graeagle, CA. It's in north eastern California, an hour or so away from Reno, NV. These are called mini conferences, and really mirror the conferences that the Mission used to put on for us. The only difference is that instead of the Mission paying for us to go, we pay for it - but our church reimbursed us. But the kids really enjoy going, because they each have their own classes to go to, and have friends that they know that they only get to see at these conferences. We all had such a good time! One of the golf courses in the area give a free round of golf to those pastors and wives that want to golf while we're there. Jeremy got to go both this summer and last summer, and really enjoys that time. Apparently it's a really nice golf course (about $150 for a round of golf usually). We found a really nice little lake right in the middle of town. I guess it's called Mill Pond. It's got a nice swimming area with a long shallow area for the kids. And right next to the swimming area, it's grassy, so it's nice to sit and watch the kids. The only downside is the only restrooms are port-a-potties. I hate those things!!!

Rob was in the youth group at conference this year. The youth pastor of the Graeagle church teaches the teens. They have their own class during our morning sessions, but join the adults for the worship times in the evening. This year, the youth pastor split the teens into three teams. Each team was assigned to make a boat out of cardboard and duct tape. Then on Thursday after lunch, we all met at the Mill Pond to watch them race across the pond. They had two canoes out in the pond for anyone that might sink halfway through. Josh got to ride in the canoe with the youth pastor. Rob was so disappointed because his team's boat sank as soon as he got into it in the water. He already has plans for a different boat for next summer, should the youth pastor decide to do it again.

Rob's 12th Birthday

I am going to play catch up. I didn't realize it had been over two months since I'd last posted a blog. So I have lots of events to add pictures from and share about. The first one is Rob's birthday, which happened to only be 6 days after Josh's in May! Oops! But since he doesn't read this, I don't think he'll be upset!

Usually every year, the weekend between the boys' birthdays, we have a combined party and invite all of their friends. We had to cancel this year because everyone was sick. So we didn't get to do that. It was a little disappointing, because we even had some of their friends from Washington coming. But we still had a quiet family party for Rob. He got a Seattle Mariner's pillow case from Mom and Dad, a new outfit from Nana and Papa, and a PSP from Mom, Dad, Nana and Papa. He had been saving for one, so we helped him out. He had to pay us back for $40 of it, though, but the rest was paid for. He was so excited! Also, when we went into Redding in May, we had a little party for Rob, Josh, and two kids of some friends of ours whose birthdays were also in May. We had fried chicken and jojos, and an ice cream cake. It was fun. (Don't worry, Mom, you'll get all these pictures!!!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pioneer Club trip to Laser Tag

We took the Pioneer Club kids on an outing to laser tag in Eureka on April 25. We had it all set up for someone in the church to come watch Zeke, Micah and Anna so that both Jeremy and I could go and help chaperone. But that's the day that Annalee got sick, so one of us had to stay home. Jeremy graciously let me go, and I wanted to share some of the pictures with you. The kids had a blast. We took them to McDonald's for lunch (we got some looks from other parents in the play area when we came in with so many kids!), then to laser tag, and after they played, then they got to play video games.

Joshua is 11!!

I feel like such an awful mother. Josh had his 11th birthday on Monday, and I am just now getting to blogging and posting pictures. We have had 2 - 11 year olds since Monday. Now Rob will be 12 tomorrow, and I would post pictures of Josh before I had to do them both!

We have a long-standing tradition in our house to let the birthday person pick all of the meals for their special day - as long as they know ahead of time so I can get the ingredients. So for breakfast, we had omelets (one of Dad's specialties!) and for dinner (we don't do lunch) we were supposed to have taco soup. But on Josh's birthday, I had to run a woman from our church into town to see a Dr. for her back - she couldn't drive herself in. So I left, and was expecting Jeremy to throw dinner together. It was a crock pot meal, and just needed everything thrown into the crockpot. But I had forgotten that I didn't have any tomato juice (the base for the soup), and Jeremy didn't have a car to go to the store and get some. Poor Josh! I went to the store in town, got the tomato juice (for the taco soup for the next day!), and all the fixings to go with the impromptu hamburgers we were going to have instead! I even bought the kids Cheetos to make up for being so scatterbrained. Josh was very understanding about it, though. He even had to put up with store bought ice cream to go with his chosen bundt cake! He has such a heart! He didn't even complain about any of it! He was just excited to get to his presents! He got a violin - he has been wanting one since taking a week-long violin course in Galena (now we just have to get him some instruction books!) - and a homemade pillow case from Mom and Dad. And he got new clothes from Nana and Papa. He was so excited that he wore them the next day.

I can't believe how old my kids are getting! Time seems to be flying when I think back to previous birthdays when they were younger...Like the one we had for them in New York. We cooked hot dogs and had Capri Suns and cupcakes for all their friends, and got to play at the playground at the campground we were living at. Such fun memories! Or the one in Yale when we had most of their K/1st grade combo class there, and watched the Incredibles and had magic vanilla ice cream that was colored red, blue and yellow! What fun!

Happy birthday, Joshua! You are very big-hearted and so creative! I love to see how you're growing!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello, Again!

Easter Sunday - the best picture I could get!

Annalee and a baby doll my mom made me when I was little. She has it wrapped in a blanket.

Anna with a Viking hat - the horns are no longer attached!

I forgot to mention that Zeke now has glasses. Don't they make him look cute?

I can't believe it's been so long....Too much happening to try to keep up with this blog. Things are just hopping right along at church. We are planning a Mother's Day breakfast before church on Mother's Day. We are looking forward to summer conference in June, and trying to plan our family vacation that month, too. July 4 is on a Sunday this year, and Jeremy would like to have a church BBQ in the afternoon. And August brings us to VBS, and the baby. I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago, and we think this one is another little girl! We plan to go with the name Naomi Joy. In September, we will begin AWANA's. We are really looking forward to that, too. We have new newsletters that will be coming out in the mail, and email. So I really just wanted to get back on and share some recent photos. I think I will have to ease back onto this blog. Right now I can't think of much to say - but that could be because it's late, and last night was a late night with a sick child.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a gorgeous day we had here! The weather was absolutely beautiful!! We took a family walk down to the Trinity River (there is a river access spot right across the street from the church). It's right by the old airport (which isn't functioning). The boys all brought bikes and scooters, and we walked half of the paved runway. The river is pretty to look at, but is very high and rapid. We have been told several times, by those that have lived here a long time, that it is dangerous to go in the river before 4th of July. So of course, we didn't. But it was so warm, we all had to take off our sweatshirts and roll up our sleeves.

Tonight we went to a fundraiser for the Christian school. We had pizza, ice cream sundaes and played some Bingo. We even won a prize - after I won't tell you how many games! But we figure it all went to a good cause.

Jeremy and I are getting ready and excited to launch into AWANA's this fall. We have the area AWANA missionary coming in March to share information with potential helpers. We have been a part of AWANA's many times ( I even attended when I was little), and we are excited about what it could do here. I hope to even start a family dinner before AWANA's.

I had an ultrasound last Monday, and measured right on schedule at 14 weeks. My due date is August 23. We have tons of family birthdays in August, with my dad's on the 21st, my nephews on the 22nd and my mom's on the 25th. Not to mention quite a few earlier. So the chances of having this baby piggyback on someone else's birthday are pretty fair. We'll have to see what happens.

I think that's it. I'm off to bed - church tomorrow, and Oriental potluck after. I just wanted to share some info with you all. Can you believe that I shopped in town, and got everything I needed to make wontons, but nobody had the wonton skins???? I was so disappointed! I might have to look in Redding, but won't work for tomorrow. May you all have a blessed Lord's Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Micah James Hayek, Age 3

Micah blowing out the candles on his birthday cupcake.

His new pillowcase from Mama.

The hood of his Batman towel from Dad. Doesn't he look cute?

The rest of his hooded towel - I think Jeremy did awesome!

His new quilt from Nana.

Micah is 3 years old today. Where has the time gone? I can still remember the day he was born - waking up with contractions and going to the hospital only to be sent home, Jeremy being sick in bed, my Mom and I shopping with the kids through my contractions, until finally going back to the hospital and having Micah an hour and a half later. Micah is the first and only baby so far that I have had to deliver without having my husband there. Jeremy mentioned today that maybe that's why Micah looks so much like me - because he wasn't there. He actually suggested that if maybe he wasn't there when the new baby was born, maybe it would look more like me, too! I told him to forget that one!

So Micah is now 3. We had homemade sugar free chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese peppermint frosting (I'm not sure it was my favorite - I like cream cheese and peppermint, just not together!). We also had homemade chocolate mint ice cream. I think Micah liked his presents. He got a new quilt from Nana and Papa, a new homemade train pillowcase from Mom, and a homemade hooded Batman towel from Dad. We also got to go to the movie store in town and pick a movie to watch tonight. Micah wanted to see Monsters vs. Aliens...again. So here they are, at 10 pm just finishing the movie. But they only get to stay up late once in a while.
I'm trying to think of some funny things about Micah to post, just to give you a glimpse of this cute little guy. When we get to go outside (when it's not raining), he loves to hang a light saber from his pocket, get on his trike and ride. It's very cute. It's just not the same without his light saber, I guess. He has this thing for shoes. He loves to switch in and out of them just because he can. He has a pair of church shoes that just slip on that he loves to play with. A few weeks ago, he wore them to church (hence the name "church shoes"). But after church, I saw him in the fellowship hall with his rain boots on! He must have slipped over to the house when Rob and Josh came to let the dogs out, and changed his shoes before coming over for refreshments! What a character! He loves to play playdoh, and destroy his brother's pictures. He loves to play with Thomas trains, but throws a temper (and the tracks) when the train track gets broken - even if he is the one who did it! But for all of his aggravations, he is a delight - especially when he toddles up to me with a wide grin, and outstretched arms and says, "Mommy, I love you!" There are no sweeter words to a Mom's ears.
Happy birthday, Micah!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No news is good news

Hello! I thought that was a good title since it seems like such a long time since I've written. But after looking at the last date, it hasn't really been that long. It just seems that way since so much has happened! Let me share....

On January 22, we drove into Redding with our trailer and stayed the night at some VM friends house outside of Redding. On Saturday, we picked my mom up from the airport. We were all very excited to have her come. But we were a few minutes late to pick her up. The boys couldn't wait to eat (her plane didn't get here until 6 pm), so we stopped at Burger King so they could use the gift cards they had been given for Christmas. But they were SOOO slow!!! It was unbelievable! However, I got to meet and visit with a neat Christian woman who also homeschools her 4 boys (that always seems to happen to me - people stop me to ask if the kids are all mine, then they ask if we homeschool, then they assume that we are Christians! We must look like a stereotype!).

After picking my mom up, we drove home to get ready for church on Sunday. Jeremy had to preach from the notes in his Bible, since he didn't have time to get his Powerpoint ready for the day. I think he still did a great job, and we have some people in our church who feel that his sermons are more Spirit-led when he doesn't use Powerpoint. Anyways, after church was our monthly potluck and board meeting. Since board meeting usually goes pretty long and it takes a lot out of Jeremy, there is no evening service on such nights. So we got to spend some time with my mom. Then Monday morning, we left for our couples retreat. We went south by way of Eureka instead of Redding, which we had planned on, because there was a woman from our church having surgery in Eureka. So we were able to stop by and visit with her and pray with her before her surgery. I think she really enjoyed having us both there. We heard later that her surgery went well, but she was in a fair amount of pain.

So Monday night, we drove to Santa Rosa and stayed there for the night. Then Tuesday, we finished the drive to Merced, CA to attend the VM couples retreat. It was held at the the church in Merced that our DR attends. It was a wonderful conference. We were able to visit with many of our VM friends - a lot of whom we get to see on a monthly basis through our VM fellowships, but also many that are outside of the driving distance. Jeremy & I both really enjoyed the fellowship that we enjoyed. It was so refreshing! Also, the speaker that they brought in was a man who has started a ministry doing taxes for pastors and missionaries. We heard about him when we first came into the Mission, thankfully, so we have been sending our taxes to him for several years. But it was nice to have him there to ask our many questions to - he even talked about life insurance and retirement. That was nice for Jeremy and I to hear. We learned some things that we need to be doing now for retirement, and that it is not sinful to plan for the future, but good stewardship! I did learn something very interesting. I know not many of you who read this are pastor's, but it might help for you to know about your pastor. Did you know that if, as a church, you want to give your pastor a love gift (say for Christmas), and everyone gives personal checks to the pastor made out to him, that is considered just a gift and not taxable. However, if the church takes a collection for their pastor, and the treasurer collects all the checks (made out to the church) and writes one collective check to the pastor from the church, it is now considered taxable! So just FYI, if you feel like giving your pastor a gift, make sure to do it personally and not through the church!

The weather down in Merced during our conference was beautiful. The mornings were overcast, but the afternoons were sunny and warm. I don't think I wore a jacket at all. In the afternoons, Jeremy and I enjoyed some free time together. One afternoon, we got to go see a movie. We saw the Tooth Fairy. We found it to be pretty cute and fairly clean. Another afternoon, Jeremy wanted to shop for an electric guitar with some of the other pastors. One of our VM pastor friends from Redding area was teaching Jeremy a little bit of guitar (besides what he has been trying to learn from a book we have here at home). He ended up buying one for a very good deal from a dealer whom we discovered was a Christian. So now he is going to work very hard to learn the electric guitar to play at church. I will see if I can pick up the acoustic that we have here, too. And Rob is working on learning the bass.

Then we came back through Redding (my mom brought the kids and met us in Redding). We stayed in our trailer again Friday night, dropped my mom off at the airport Saturday, and drove down towards Sacramento with our trailer and the kids for two nights. We got home yesterday, and are very glad to be home after being away for a week. We were very refreshed from our conference, and now are excited to be back and thinking about new ministries at the church. We are thinking and praying about starting AWANA's this fall. And of course, we're thinking about what to do for VBS, too.

One more bit of news...we found out we are expecting baby number 7 at the end of August! We are all very excited - the boys were ecstatic when we called and told them. They all think it's hillarious, because when I was little I wanted 5 boys and 5 girls. They tell everyone that we have the 5 boys and now it's time for the 5 girls. We will see. Rob says if this one's a girl, he will laugh. We are thinking about Naomi Joy if it is a girl. Jeremy's not discussing boy names right now, because in his mind, it's another girl.

Thank you for reading my ramblings. I hope you were able to make sense of some of it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Zeke's new quilt

I had to post a picture of Zeke's new quilt for Nana to see. She did a great job, and he is grateful to have a new blanket for his bed to replace the one that the dogs destroyed! :-( Grr!

Ezekiel David Hayek - our 4 year old!

The Flash hooded towel that Jeremy made for Zeke.

Zeke, in the birthday hat, with the pillow case that I made him.

Baby Zeke

Zeke is 4 today! I can't believe how time flies! It just seems like yesterday that he was born! I remember it so well - from having my water break at Wendy's (that was so embarrassing!), to him being caught by the nurse (the doctor didn't quite make it on time!), to Jeremy having to miss preaching on Sunday because that's when Zeke was born. I've had two of my children born on Sunday - Zeke and Anna. It was so cute this morning, when the boys all woke up and Micah remembered it was Zeke's birthday. He gave him a big hug and said, "Happy birthday, Zoodoo!" (that's what he calls him - we all call him Zekerdoo, and that's as close as he can get!) We let our kids pick the meals on their birthday - they all really think that's special. So our fare today consisted of blueberry coffee cake and scrambled eggs for breakfast, and spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner, followed by homemade, sugar free chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate ice cream. However, the ice cream didn't quite harden up enough, so we decided to save it until tomorrow or Sunday. So we just enjoyed the cupcakes tonight. All in all, I think Zeke really enjoyed his birthday. He got a new quilt from Nana and Papa, a homemade pillow case from Mom, a homemade Flash hooded towel from Dad and a color book and crayons from a woman at church who came over for dinner and cupcakes. After we finished our cupcakes, Zeke put on the hooded towel, and ran all around the house.

I am so thankful for all of our children, but today I am especially thankful for Zeke! Happy birthday, Zeke!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Field trips, earthquakes and such

Silas after jumping into the blocks at Flips for Kids.

Jeremy, Rob and Josh in our new trailer.

Ever notice how hard it is to get a good picture of everyone - especially kids? ;-(

Happy, happy new year! I hope you all are enjoying the refreshment that a new year brings. Kinda like a clean slate. I really enjoy the new year, and all of the opportunities that it brings, but I dislike making any resolutions. I have done so in the past, but have never held on to any for a long length of time. Then the guilt sets in because I have not followed through. So I try not to make resolutions anymore. But some goals that I have are to be more faithful in trying to teach my kids about the Lord. I've noticed that sometimes I get so busy, that when one of them brings up a question about God, or a Bible passage we've read, or something similar, I'm quick to just throw out an answer so they'll leave me alone to finish what I was doing. I plan to change that. Before Christmas, I also had Rob and Josh memorizing a verse or passage a week for school. They had to copy it so many times each day, and the goal was for them to have it memorized so they could say it in Sunday school. I have had so many people stop me, and tell me how much they love to hear my boys recite their memory verses in Sunday school. But with Christmas, we have slacked off on that as well. I plan to start that again this next school week. And I got frustrated this last year with running behind on making Christmas presents, and not even getting to make everything I had planned, that I'm starting Christmas presents already for next year. Call me crazy if you want, but I have 3 done already!

Sorry - I had to pause to go help my husband fill the bobbin on my sewing machine. Zeke's birthday is Friday (he'll be 4!), and Jeremy and I have decided to make him a hooded towel. I have made many of them for our children, and my nephews and nieces, and they turn out so cute - with big wooden eyes, and whiskers, and all. And the ones that I have made for our kids are many years old, and are missing button eyes, and the towels are faded and ripping apart. So we thought we'd make new ones for all of our little ones this year on their birthdays. But Jeremy's idea was to make it a little different than I usually do. He bought red and yellow towels, and is going to make one that looks like Flash (some super hero, in case you - like me - did not know who that was!). Instead of button eyes, he wants to cut holes out and hem around the circles so that Zeke can see through them. It should turn out pretty cute, and I'll have to post some pictures. Anyways, then we can see if we like how it turned out before we have to make one for Micah next month - he'll be 3. My babies are getting so big!
In signing in tonight to update this blog, I was dragging my feet. I told Jeremy that I couldn't think of that much to be able to update about, but things keep coming to mind. For those of you who didn't know, we lived through our first California earthquake last week. The coast was hit with a 6.5 earthquake on Saturday afternoon. We felt it here, too, but not sure if it was a 6.5 here - we are 45 minutes from the coast. But I was going through material to make some pillow cases for Christmas presents (see above paragraph), and the lights started to flicker. That's not too uncommon out here. The power does go out occasionally - but I could feel the ground moving under my feet. It only seemed to last a few moments. I had a moment of indecision. I didn't know if I should go yell at my children to get under the table, or what to do. But about that time, it stopped. Then I stood wondering if there would be any more movement or not. I honestly didn't think it had been that bad, and didn't know until Sunday at church that it was a 6.5 (and then again when my mom called to let me know on Sunday afternoon!). We even had some friends from The Dalles call to make sure we were okay, because they had heard about it on the news! One of the ladies from our church had been in Eureka (or on her way), but didn't notice it, until she got to one of the grocery stores in town. She got up to the door and was told they were closed. When she asked if they usually closed for the day at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the person told her that there had just been an earthquake and they had to clean up. We went into town yesterday for Jeremy's day off, and noticed many stores that had boarded up parts of windows and storefronts made of glass that had shattered. I guess many of the grocery stores had big messes to clean up as lots of things fell off the shelves. As far as I know, no one from our church was injured, nor lost any material possessions. I haven't heard about any injuries out on the coast, either. But while I was in Joann's yesterday, I overheard someone telling someone else that the epicenter had been 60 or so miles out in the ocean. But our family is okay, and I don't think that any of the kids noticed we were in an earthquake until we told them afterwards. They noticed the lights flickering, but I don't think they felt the movement.

And we have a praise to share as well: God has provided us with a travel trailer! We have been praying, looking, talking and researching about trailers for over 6 months now. We noticed on our trip here last February that we were not able to stay in hotels anymore. When we stayed in Grants Pass, OR, there was only one hotel that we could stay in that didn't charge us for two rooms. Apparently we have too many kids for that anymore! So we began thinking about and researching trailers. After some extensive research, we decided that what we would need would be one with double bunk beds. But they are hard to find. We checked a few times at a dealer in Eureka, but their comment was if we wanted to be able to go inside and see one, we would probably have to go to Utah - or somewhere that actually stocked trailers with double bunks. We kept checking on Craig's List and online at RV stores for used ones. We finally found a place down in Santa Rosa that had one on their lot. It was a brand new one, but they quoted us the same price that another lot had quoted us for one that was 3 years older. So for the same price, we decided to go with the brand new one. Anyways, we were looking for one that, like I said, had double bunk bed, a wrap around table (for more seating for the kids, and it makes into a larger bed for sleeping), a separate main bedroom with a queen sized bed, and a sofa that pulled out like a hide-a-bed, (that didn't pull down like a futon). The trailer that we found had everything we were looking for. So we drove down to Santa Rosa on the 4th, stayed at the fairgrounds down there with our new trailer that night, and then drove home the next day. Our plan is to take it into town with us on Jeremy's day off, even if only to find a day use area and enjoy family time away from the church. We've discovered that when we stay home on our days off, inevitably we start to get phone calls, and sometimes visits, too - before too long, it's not really a day off. So we go into town, but end up shopping when we don't want to, etc., simply because we have nothing else to do. Then of course, one meal for all of us gets pretty expensive - even if it's Taco Bell. So we plan to use it when we go into town to just hang out together, without having to shop, and to fix our own food. Also, once a month we drive into Redding for our VM fellowships, and it will be nice to take with us there, too, to put the younger ones down for naps during the long day in Redding. We are sure, also, that it will be used for ministry purposes. Some ladies from our church have already talked about maybe using it for going to women's conferences, etc. And several have talked of having a church family camp now that the pastor's available to go! We felt apprehensive at first about owning a brand new trailer, even if we got it for a great deal. But when Jeremy brought this up to one of the board member's wives, she questioned why pastors should feel bad about owning nice things. Jeremy said that we felt bad because we were in ministry. She asked Jeremy whether we thought they should start voting on our shopping lists as well. That was encouraging to hear that they agreed with our decision. We have showed it to many people from the church, and they all love it, and think that we made a wise decision.

Onto different things: Does anyone know what a "blue moon" is? We just found out that it is when we have a full moon twice in one month. They don't happen very often - I think I heard once every 30 years or so. Anyways, we just had one on New Year's Eve. Interesting, isn't it? Well, now you know!

My mom comes in less than 2 weeks! We are all looking forward to her visit! And Jeremy and I are getting excited for the couples getaway in just a couple of weeks.

Yesterday, we took the kids to a homeschool field trip/play day. They rented out Flips for Kids for an hour. It is a children's gymnastic center - including trampolines, beams, rings, etc. There was no formal instruction or anything, the kids just got to play around with whatever they wanted. Our kids had a blast. And last night, in Eureka, Rob and Josh finally got to use some free movie passes they had won at a fishing derby back in June. They went with Jeremy to see Alvin & the Chipmunks 2. They really enjoyed the movie, and also really enjoyed their time with just Dad.

I think that is all the news I can squeeze out of my little brain. If you haven't noticed yet, or read my past blogs, I am posting the Village Missions prayer spotlight on my blog. I post the picture, and the couple's name and location. If you want to read more about them, including some prayer requests, just click on their picture.