Monday, May 4, 2009

Beach Pictures

Here's a star fish that someone found and showed to our kids. Rob and Josh held it.
The boys and I - and the beautiful ocean.

Jeremy and the kids on a climbing rock at the beach.

The boys all having fun in the warm sand.
After we finished at the beach, we stopped at the marine laboratory (part of the Humboldt State University). We got to see an octopus that tried to attack us, but then realized he couldn't get to us, so he condensed his body back down to fit in his hiding spot, then a few minutes later, he had spots on his body to hide himself and blend into his environment. We also saw a flounder, some eels, and other things. They also had a touch pool where the boys got to touch starfish and sea anemones. We had a great time!

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing you all at the beach. Reminds me of wonderful days when I was young and we would pic-nic at the beach for the whole day. Wonderful inexpensive fun I will never forget! The ocean really helps to realize the strength of the Lord doesn't it! Love, Mom