Friday, January 15, 2010

Ezekiel David Hayek - our 4 year old!

The Flash hooded towel that Jeremy made for Zeke.

Zeke, in the birthday hat, with the pillow case that I made him.

Baby Zeke

Zeke is 4 today! I can't believe how time flies! It just seems like yesterday that he was born! I remember it so well - from having my water break at Wendy's (that was so embarrassing!), to him being caught by the nurse (the doctor didn't quite make it on time!), to Jeremy having to miss preaching on Sunday because that's when Zeke was born. I've had two of my children born on Sunday - Zeke and Anna. It was so cute this morning, when the boys all woke up and Micah remembered it was Zeke's birthday. He gave him a big hug and said, "Happy birthday, Zoodoo!" (that's what he calls him - we all call him Zekerdoo, and that's as close as he can get!) We let our kids pick the meals on their birthday - they all really think that's special. So our fare today consisted of blueberry coffee cake and scrambled eggs for breakfast, and spaghetti with garlic bread for dinner, followed by homemade, sugar free chocolate cupcakes, and chocolate ice cream. However, the ice cream didn't quite harden up enough, so we decided to save it until tomorrow or Sunday. So we just enjoyed the cupcakes tonight. All in all, I think Zeke really enjoyed his birthday. He got a new quilt from Nana and Papa, a homemade pillow case from Mom, a homemade Flash hooded towel from Dad and a color book and crayons from a woman at church who came over for dinner and cupcakes. After we finished our cupcakes, Zeke put on the hooded towel, and ran all around the house.

I am so thankful for all of our children, but today I am especially thankful for Zeke! Happy birthday, Zeke!!!

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Happy Birthday, Zeke!

Cute quilt!