Thursday, July 8, 2010

Village Missions conference

Rob and Josh with two of their friends from conference. Their dads are both VM pastors.

Josh riding in the canoe.

Rob's team with their boat.

In June, we got the privilege of going to the VM Southwest District summer conference in Graeagle, CA. It's in north eastern California, an hour or so away from Reno, NV. These are called mini conferences, and really mirror the conferences that the Mission used to put on for us. The only difference is that instead of the Mission paying for us to go, we pay for it - but our church reimbursed us. But the kids really enjoy going, because they each have their own classes to go to, and have friends that they know that they only get to see at these conferences. We all had such a good time! One of the golf courses in the area give a free round of golf to those pastors and wives that want to golf while we're there. Jeremy got to go both this summer and last summer, and really enjoys that time. Apparently it's a really nice golf course (about $150 for a round of golf usually). We found a really nice little lake right in the middle of town. I guess it's called Mill Pond. It's got a nice swimming area with a long shallow area for the kids. And right next to the swimming area, it's grassy, so it's nice to sit and watch the kids. The only downside is the only restrooms are port-a-potties. I hate those things!!!

Rob was in the youth group at conference this year. The youth pastor of the Graeagle church teaches the teens. They have their own class during our morning sessions, but join the adults for the worship times in the evening. This year, the youth pastor split the teens into three teams. Each team was assigned to make a boat out of cardboard and duct tape. Then on Thursday after lunch, we all met at the Mill Pond to watch them race across the pond. They had two canoes out in the pond for anyone that might sink halfway through. Josh got to ride in the canoe with the youth pastor. Rob was so disappointed because his team's boat sank as soon as he got into it in the water. He already has plans for a different boat for next summer, should the youth pastor decide to do it again.

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