Thursday, March 19, 2009

Willow Creek

Hello from beautiful Willow Creek! We are at our new field in California, between Redding and Eureka on Hwy 299. We have been here for about three weeks now, and are still working on getting everything settled. The kids all got the Humboldt bug when we first got here, and we are still working on getting over it. (named after the county we're in). We currently have three kids with snotty noses, but other than that, we are doing better.

Rob, Josh, and Silas have started wrestling. Silas just likes the exercise, but the other two are really enjoying it. There is a playground right here at the church that the boys are enjoying getting to play on. And the parking lot is completely paved, and allows them all to ride their bikes. We are officially a Christian school. To homeschool in the state of California, you have to register as a private school. Annalee is getting so big. She is 5 months old now. She is such a good-natured baby. She hardly fusses, unless one of her big brothers is invading her personal space! But she does allow quite a bit of kisses from them.

We are getting into the swing of things here at Willow Creek Bible Church. This is a fairly big church - at one time there were over 100 people attending. So naturally, there are a lot more activities going on here than we are used to. But we are adjusting. Jeremy has enjoyed getting back to preaching again. I think he really missed it. There are also several women willing to help take their turn in the nursery. The last pastor recently renovated the parsonage, and it is beautiful. This place reminds us a lot of Yale. I can look out my front living room window and see the back of the church, and up behind it, the mountains full of evergreen trees. And right across the highway from the church is the Trinity River. It truly is a beautiful place.

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