Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall is here!

Annalee with her proud daddy!

Beautiful hat! Notice the straps - that's the only way to keep it on!

Annalee around 2 months - while still in Galena.

Our family picture taken at Cannon Beach this summer.

I love fall! I love the crispness of the early morning, with the wet grass (though I'd be happier if my shoes stayed dry!). I love the smell of fires burning bright in the fireplace, and snuggling up with loved ones in front of the roaring blaze. I love the thought of apple cider (though I try not to drink it much anymore - too much sugar!). I love the colors of all of the deciduous trees, and I don't even mind raking up the leaves - once or twice. Dear to my heart is going out to local farms and picking pumpkins and apples...maybe because I have fond memories of doing just that with family in Spokane when our oldest two were little. I love the hay rides, corn mazes, and even the fun little carnival games that some of them have.

Last time I wrote, we had just gotten back from the pumpkin patch. Well, we are finally almost finished processing those pumpkins. Phew! What work! Yesterday, I even had Rob and Josh write a few paragraphs about how we get pumpkins from the field to pumpkin pie. They did pretty good remembering, since they helped us cut up the pumpkins, scoop out the seeds, and watched us cook the pumpkins. It's a lengthy process, but I am sure looking forward to having pumpkin bread and pie from the pumpkins that we fixed ourselves. Maybe it's just the pride of accomplishment...
Tomorrow, we go to get apples. It's another field trip for the homeschool group - and I am looking forward to it.

Jeremy has another funeral to do in town tomorrow. We have had a few people pass away here in the last few weeks. It's the less desirable part of his job - as it's never fun to watch someone die. But we are praising God that the two that he has had to do funerals for have known the Lord. That helps with the grieving.

Our baby girl is now 1 year old. She turned 1 on Monday. I can't believe it - where has this past year gone? And yet, thinking about the past year since Annalee has been born is bitter sweet. It brings back fond and painful memories - which is difficult because I don't want to dwell on the painful memories, but yet that is the time when she was born, and for that it was beautiful. But the Lord is faithful, and I am thankful that He walks beside me all the way. That's especially nice to remember during the times that I don't feel Him - because I don't always feel Him near. But my feelings are nothing compared to His many promises to love me always, to never leave me, and to never give me more than He thinks I can handle. That is an especially wonderful promise!

Well, it's time to close. Steaming tea awaits - Madagascar red vanilla - one of my favorites!


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love Madascar Vanilla! My favorite tea for sure!

What a sweet little thing. I love the straps, too.

You are doing good. God is healing you and you may not feel Him everyday(I know I don't), but that is where our faith comes in.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I LOVE it when you comment! You are also a godly woman and I admire you very much. You do not have an easy job. Being a pastor's wife is tough, to be a missionary's wife, is doubly so.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hi there, I found you through my sister's blog,, and I thought I'd pop over for a visit. Liked what I saw and I just hit the follow button. I'm a homestead wannabe and homeschooling mom, so we've got somethings in common.

Hope you have a great day!

God Bless,

Rachel and Family said...

That family photo is awesome! Your family is beautiful! You must be chasing after those 5 little boys all the time! What blessings. I always imagined myself with a house full of boys, but so far, the girls are winning!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog sis, you do a nice job with it and I know it is encouraging to more than just me. We are off to church tonight to help with the halloween "Trunk or Treat" that we have in the parking lot and also registration for the kids inside when they come in & have a hot dog dinner, and more fun things to do in there. Would love to be there with you, but am grateful the Lord can use me wherever I am, even as old as I am. ha ha. Kiss all the babies for me, and yes, even you Robert! Love you all