Friday, July 9, 2010


Working on the church.
Fourth of July Sunday.

The boys on Sundial bridge in Redding.

Anna in an apron I bought her. Isn't she gorgeous?

We went up to Washington for vacation at the end of May and beginning of June. We enjoyed time getting to see all of our family. I just thought I'd post some misc. pictures that I've been taking from our vacation, time at the river, etc.

Jeremy has been doing a lot of physical work on the church. We discovered several months ago that having a nursery without a bathroom attached does not always work well!! So the board okayed some changes. With some help from 2 other men, they switched the nursery with Jeremy's office, which had a bathroom right next to it. So they cut a hole in the bathroom to give it a door right into the new nursery, filled in the hole of the old door, cut the old nursery in two parts - one part Jeremy's new office, and the other part the new copy/storage room. We even painted the new nursery and Jeremy's new office with paint that had been hanging around the church. I think we had to buy 2 pints of paint! We are in the middle of planning for our VBS August 2-6. We're also knee-deep in planning for our new AWANA club starting in mid-September. Please be praying for us as we have our VBS and start this new ministry at the church this fall!

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Carrie said...

Tricia, when's your baby due? Is it a girl? I'll be excited to see the photos when she arrives!