Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a gorgeous day we had here! The weather was absolutely beautiful!! We took a family walk down to the Trinity River (there is a river access spot right across the street from the church). It's right by the old airport (which isn't functioning). The boys all brought bikes and scooters, and we walked half of the paved runway. The river is pretty to look at, but is very high and rapid. We have been told several times, by those that have lived here a long time, that it is dangerous to go in the river before 4th of July. So of course, we didn't. But it was so warm, we all had to take off our sweatshirts and roll up our sleeves.

Tonight we went to a fundraiser for the Christian school. We had pizza, ice cream sundaes and played some Bingo. We even won a prize - after I won't tell you how many games! But we figure it all went to a good cause.

Jeremy and I are getting ready and excited to launch into AWANA's this fall. We have the area AWANA missionary coming in March to share information with potential helpers. We have been a part of AWANA's many times ( I even attended when I was little), and we are excited about what it could do here. I hope to even start a family dinner before AWANA's.

I had an ultrasound last Monday, and measured right on schedule at 14 weeks. My due date is August 23. We have tons of family birthdays in August, with my dad's on the 21st, my nephews on the 22nd and my mom's on the 25th. Not to mention quite a few earlier. So the chances of having this baby piggyback on someone else's birthday are pretty fair. We'll have to see what happens.

I think that's it. I'm off to bed - church tomorrow, and Oriental potluck after. I just wanted to share some info with you all. Can you believe that I shopped in town, and got everything I needed to make wontons, but nobody had the wonton skins???? I was so disappointed! I might have to look in Redding, but won't work for tomorrow. May you all have a blessed Lord's Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi honey,
Love your blog! Sounds like you had a fun day over by the river. Am glad I know where your talking about & just how beautiful it is. I haven't seen it really high yet, but am sure I will someday. I'm knee deep in making invitations for Jordan & Elsa's reception in June. They are turning out quite cute. Wish you had a camera so we could skype. I really miss that connection. If I send you a camera can you use it on the laptop? Let me know & I'll send one down. Then we can show each other our accomplishments (oh yeah, it would'nt hurt to see those beautiful babies you keep having for me either!) ha ha. have a great day in Jesus, love you all, Mom & Nana

Matt Kinsley said...

I love rapid rivers. There's something about the pent-up fury that really makes me think about how awesome our God is. Controlled chaos. :-)